Agriculture Head

Mukesh Mewara

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Mukesh Mewara has a Master’s degree in Agriculture Science and qualified trained agronomist. He has expertise in promoting sustainable agriculture practices such as Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Regenerative Agriculture, Natural Farming, LEISA Technologies, Climate Resilient Agriculture, and Climate Smart Agriculture including SRI & SWI etc. He also specializes in transferring new technologies to farmers by using concept of in FFS, enhancing productivity by use of quality seeds and new agronomic practices and improving the income of rural communities. Additionally, he has expertise in areas such as vermicomposting, agribusiness unit establishment, formation and strengthening of Farmers Producer Company, management of production and procurement operations, and participatory agriculture development. He has good experience in development of agriculture based rural livelihoods promotion, seeds enterprises development, rural livelihoods planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.