Madhya Bharat Consortium of Farmer Producers Company Limited


Madhya Bharat Consortium of Farmer Producers Company Limited (MBCFPCL) was incorporated on 18th September 2014 at Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh State of India. It was registered under Part IXA and section 581B of Company Act 1956 which is also known as Company (amendment) Act 2002. It is an advance version of Cooperatives Act formally known as Producer Company Act 2002 which is hybrid of cooperatives and company Act. This organization was jointly promoted by Government Organization like Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), MoA & Cooperartion, GoI, New Delhi, Dept of Farmer Welfare & Agri Development, Govt. of M.P, MP State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM) & Lead Dev. Organizations like Rabo Bank Foundation, ASA, Vrutti, ADS, IGS, MCM along with others

Our Vision

Transform agriculture of > 1 million small & marginal farmers of Madhya Pradesh by 2030 from means of subsistence to profitable livelihood enterprises through promotion of collectivization, branding and better positioning in the supply/value chain”

Our Objective

To create an umbrella support to member FPOs particularly on market, financial linkages, brand development, value adding, agri extension, insurance and leverage & transfer the benefits of the economy of scale

Our Partners
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Our Work

Main Business Activities

Madhya Bharat Consortium is not only providing backward and forward support to the  member FPOs and farmers but also work towards creating an enabling environment in favor farmer’s producer organization (FPO) in the state of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. Madhya Bharat Consortium involves in following major business activities:

    • Aggregation, storage, primary processing & trading of farm produces
    • Support for production, storage, processing  & marketing of seeds in partnership with member FPOs,
    • Backward integration for agriculture inputs to member FPOs for sustainable farming
    • Facilitating  financial services
    • Promotion of farm mechanization & custom hire centers & niches based processing & value addition
    • Promotion of responsible, sustainable, climate resilient & regenerative agriculture practices
    • Policy advocacy to strengthen  FPO eco systems in the State
    • Promotion & Development of new FPOs  & conducting capacity building programmes

Per qtl additional price realized by farmers ranged from 100-300/Qtl and benefits ranged between Rs 2500-15000


Incentive/bonus share distributed up to 30.00 Lakh to member FPOs


During reporting period total 4 BoD Meetings held with full quorum (Meeting dates – 10/12/2022, 24/04/2022, 16/02/2023 & 27/03/2023


MBCFPCL deals with crops mainly : Wheat (including M.P Sharbati and Durum both), Gram (Kabuli, dollar & Kanta), Pigeon Pea, Lentil, Black Gram, Green Gram, Soybean (RTRS), Cotton (Including Better Cotton) & Maize (Yellow Bold) Poultry Preferred Maize, Rice (Organic and RCI), Small Millets (Kodo Kutki), Niger, Mustard, Linseed , Spices- Coriander, Chilli and turmeric , Vegetables – Onion, Garlic, Tomato and Ginger


MBCFPCL currently has 189 member & share holder FPCs + 15 cooperatives as a business members working in over 45 districts of Madhya Pradesh & 11 districts of CG. MBCFPCL is covering more than 2.24 Lakh small and marginal farmers through networks of member FPOs


5 trainings provided to the functionaries of MBCFPCL and BoDs of members of FPOs in year 2022 –2023 On Governance & accounting system, inventory & business management. One Inter-state and two within state exposure visits organized for the BoDs & functionaries of the member FPOS


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