Madhya Bharat Consortium of Farmer Producers Company Limited

We are delighted to announce that a two-day Training cum FPO Business Promotion Workshop was successfully held on April 27-28, 2023, at the Conference Room of DES Indira Gandhi Agriculture University in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The workshop primarily focused on FPO Managers and Accountants from various FPOs in Chhattisgarh, with participants from 11 districts and 19 FPOs. We were honored to have the program inaugurated by Dr. Girish Chandel, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of IGKVV Raipur CG, accompanied by Dr. Ajay Pathak of DES IGKVV Raipur, Dr. Das, the Dean of the Faculty at IGKVV Raipur, Dr. Hulas Pathak, Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at RKVY RAFTAT, Dr. Ajay Verma of DES, IGKVV Raipur, Dr. Gajendra Chandrakar, an Entomologist, and Dr. G.L Sharma, an Associate Professor of Horticulture, among others.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Hulas Pathak, Dr. Gajendra Chandrakar, and Dr. G.L. Sharma for delivering practical and valuable sessions on agriculture, horticulture, and exploring new business opportunities in millet-based products for FPOs. They also shared strategies to overcome the challenges faced in promoting agricultural businesses and connecting our FPOs with the university’s millet and incubator programs. Returning to a place where we shared cherished memories during our college days was truly wonderful, especially when accompanied by the Head of the university and friends who now hold significant positions and responsibilities. A special thanks goes to my friend and Professor, Dr. Hulas Pathak, for making this program productive and unforgettable.